Pricing & Plans

Pay only for what you use.
API Requests per month
Data storage
Active Users per month
Burst limits (FUP)
Push Notifications
Custom APIs
Background Tasks
Scheduled Tasks
Graph search
API builder
Bronze( 90 days free trial )
100,000 calls free
8¢ per 1000 calls over
1 GB free
25¢ per GB over
500 active users free
5¢ per 10 active users over
100,000 free
8¢ per 1000 push over
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1,000,000 calls free
7¢ per 1000 calls over
5 GB free
20¢ per GB over
5000 active users free
3¢ per 10 active users over
1,000,000 free
7¢ per 1000 push over
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5,000,000 calls free
6¢ per 1000 calls over
10 GB free
20¢ per GB over
25,000 active users free
2¢ per 10 active users over
5,000,000 free
6¢ per 1000 push over
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10,000,000 calls free
5¢ per 1000 calls over
15 GB free
15¢ per GB over
100,000 active users free
1¢ per 10 active users over
10,000,000 free
5¢ per 1000 push over
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So you are a Startup?
We have special pricing for you..
When you are starting out, we know how important every penny is. Get in touch with us, and we should be able to chalk out something real good.

Into Educational Institutions or NGOs?
We got even special discounts for you!
We understand the level of involvement and passion you must have to do what you do. Contact us and we’ll be more than glad to help you get onboard.

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