visual designer

Who says design has to be boring. Get creative and build your entire backend simply by “drawing” your app model using our easy to use online designer.


We understand that data in real life is relational. That is why we support multi level relations out of box. Create rich highly nested data models which actually represent data the way it exists in the real world.



No more having to learn a new technology just to create and integrate with an application backend. Get up and running on any platform of your choice using one or more of our open source SDKs.


Get connected to all major social platforms using the inbuilt social apis available with the appacitive platform. Features ranging from third party login to creating social engagement is just a few lines of code away.


data grid

Manage all your data from a single place. Our tabular data view allows users to filter, view, update and delete all the data generated by their app.

data explorer

Inside Appacitive data is stored like a graph. Our graph explorer allows you to explore the interconnects of your data model and discover new ways of visualising and querying your data.




cloud scale

Get up and running using the appacitive platform in minutes. Focus purely on your app without worrying about servers, VMs, instances. Scale has never been so easy.

push notifications

Keep your customers engaged and informed in real time using our cross platform push notifications infrastructure. Use our targeting support for customize recipients on the fly.


Add one or more geolocation attributes to your data model and use the inbuilt geolocation support to do location specific querying or trigger location specific events.

email templates




Add custom and proprietary business logic for specific api calls or based on specific business events using one of our widely supported languages like javascript, c#, python.

graph query designer

Create custom coarse grained apis using our graphical query designer. Take control of your api from customizing query parameters to defining the content and structure of the results. And when your are done, you can always save it as a new api without having written a single line of code.
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