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Searching on Appacitive. Part 2

Hey, welcome back ! In this tutorial we are gonna take a look at some of the more advanced searching techniques in the Appacitive API. Article Search I. The in-between query – GET{articleAId}/relationAB/labelAB/{articleCId}/relationBC/labelCB {articleAId} is an article of SchemaA and {articleCId} is an article of SchemaC. This query would return articles of SchemaB that…

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Searching on Appacitive. Part 1

Hi, in this blog I will describe the basics of searching for articles and connections. Appacitive keeps your data indexed and cached so as to provide real-time searching and mining. Articles/Connection Searches – Articles are instances of schemas and hold values in their properties, properties which are described by their parent schemas. Conversely, connections are…

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Getting Started with Appacitive

Hi, if you are reading this I assume you are new to the Appacitive ecosystem. This tutorial will get you started with the absolute basics of the platform. You design your backend infrastrucure to hold your data for which the visual modelling tool is a great accessory. The basic building blocks of your application’s backend are schemas,…

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